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5 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction That Are Not So Obvious


Posted on May 26, 2019

Low Testosterone levels in men are an obvious cause of Erectile Dysfunction and can be corrected with Testosterone supplementation. However, some men with ED may have  Testosterone in a “normal” range. Many of these men need to be aware of some of the hidden causes of ED where Testosterone replacement therapy may not be helpful.

These are:

  • Several prescription and OTC drugs can cause Erectile Dysfunction: These include antidepressant medications, blood pressure medications to name just a few. Go over the medications that you are taking and find out if they are causing ED.

  • Metabolic syndrome and ED: This would include a combination of diabetes, obesity and hypertension that cause damage to blood vessels and nerves contributing to Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Cigarette smoking, Alcohol and ED: Despite all the hype and commercials, please be aware that Alcohol and smoking does kill sexual function in men!

  • Peyronie’s Disease: This appears as a lump within the penis causing a painful curvature when an erection is attempted. Pulse wave therapy would benefit these patients.

  • Nerve Damage from bicycle riding: Pressure on the nerves in the perineal area can cause damage and contribute to Erectile dysfunction.

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