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Happy Valentines day…

Listen up Men!!  This Valentines day consider GainsWave to “Get in on the action, and stay there longer”!   If you are happy with your sex life and want to get better..read on.   If you are, like a lot of men who have issues ….continue on….

Viagra not working anymore.. :  Now what?

You try Cialis…

Then Cialis stops working ..

Now what??

ED Treatment | VIAGRA®

ED Treatment or VIAGRA and Cialis work by increasing blood flow to the penis through healthy blood vessels. When they stop working, men become increasingly frustrated with their sex life, leading to relationship issues, shame, lack of confidence and depression.

ED treatment

Imagine an interstate highway which is functioning well for several years. after much use, the road breaks down and becomes difficult for traffic to flow through easily.. Imagine that a road block occurs due to some form of an obstruction. This will really slow down traffic to a stand still and nothing gets through past the obstruction. The solution is for the obstruction to be removed and allowing the return of the free flow of traffic.

In a similar fashion, age and multiple disease states accelerates blockage of blood vessels in different parts of the human body. Most commonly, this is seen as blockage of heart blood vessels showing up as angina and a heart attack. What is less obvious is the slowing of blood flow due to blockage of the blood vessels that feed the genitals in men.  Drugs like Cialis and Viagra would work forcing more blood through these imperfect blood vessels. But a time is reached when the obstruction in the blood vessels becomes so severe that very little blood gets through.to create a usable erection thus manifesting as ED treatment. This is when viagra and Cialiis stop working.

GainsWave machine :   Acoustic wave therapy for ED Treatment.

ED treatment

It is a non-invasive, painless procedure that breaks up obstruction in the penile blood vessels thus restoring the normal flow of blood to a fully functional state without the need for surgical interventions such as a penile implant.

The most common questions people ask us about this procedure:

How long does Gainswave last :  This depends on the severity of ED at the outset and how well the underlying conditions that caused ED in the first pace are controlled.

Gainswave success rate :  This depends on the degree of obstruction of the blood vessels and is determined using scoring system called the SHIM score.


Gainswave price : This is a cash based procedure and is not covered by Insurance. It is extremely cost-effective given the value that is added to the clients life.

We have several other methods that complement each other  in maximizing your sexual health issues,

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