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Athletic Performance

Recovery. Rehab. Rejuvenate.

Imagine sports free of pain, with a reduced risk of injury, and with a skill that leverages all of your natural talents beyond your greatest expectations. Imagine coaching an athlete with nothing to detract from achieving his or her full potential.


Many athletes are deprived of the ability to alternately, eccentrically and concentrically load muscle. Which, in practical terms, means that…

- for coaches:

Managing an athlete who cannot successfully isolate appropriate muscle for activation or inhibition is challenging at best, and dangerous at worst.

- for athletes,

The inability to tap into native talent and athletic prowess results in frustration, injury and ultimately, loss of competitive power in both the amateur and the professional sporting arenas.

So, whether you want to refine your athletic performance, seek ways to avoid physical injuries, or wish to learn how to optimize training as a coach, our one-of-a-kind acclaimed programs can help to meet and exceed your goals.

The following athletic performance protocols are designed for recovery, rehab, and rejuvenation. Performance generally is thought to improve with increases in training load.

  • Novothor
  • IV Therapy & Vitamin Boosts
  • Vasper System
  • Sound Lounge
  • Medical Acupuncture

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