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GAINSWave® Success Rate

What is the Success Rate?


If you’re considering GainsWave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), you may wonder how effective it is. The success rate of this treatment varies depending on the severity of ED and the patient’s overall health. In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that affect the success rate of GainsWave treatment.

Measuring Success with SHIM Score

When patients come to our clinic for GainsWave treatment, we use a Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) score to evaluate the severity of their ED. This score ranges from 1-25, with higher scores indicating better sexual function. The data shows that with the appropriate use of GainsWave treatment, we can move the needle by about 5 points on the SHIM scale towards improvement.

Success Rate of GainsWave Treatment

For patients with mild ED who are otherwise healthy, the success rate of GainsWave treatment can be as high as 70-80%. However, the success rate drops to 50-60% if you have severe ED. We recommend adding a Priapus Shot (P-Shot) to the GainsWave treatment for better results. Nevertheless, each client’s response to the treatment is very variable, so we urge you to be patient, as additional options may be available to get better results.

Maintenance of GainsWave Treatment

A second set of GainsWave treatments 3 to 6 months after the first set is completed is necessary to continue the repair and restore process. Doing so can add a few more points to the SHIM score, moving the needle from mild ED to normal function. This maintenance program is necessary as our biological systems deteriorate as we age, and we must keep fighting back with an active schedule.

Holistic Approach for Better Results

A holistic approach aimed at optimizing the mind and body can help slow the decline of our biology and help us maintain a functioning body much longer, including sexual function. Following this, we can improve the result of our GainsWave treatment protocols.

Step-by-Step Approach to ED

At our clinic, we take a step-by-step approach rather than a band-aid approach to help patients with ED. Our goal is to get results, and to do that; we help you understand “the what” you need to do and “the how” of leading a healthier life. From a medical point of view, we monitor you carefully and pull out whatever other stops we need to help you get better results. For instance, P-Shot and Peptide therapy are other methods that we use judiciously and have achieved remarkable results when GainsWave treatment alone may not give us the results we expect.


Maintaining and improving sexual function is one of the most important aspects of a man’s life. GainsWave treatment is an effective option for treating ED, with a success rate ranging from 50-80%. We can achieve even better patient results by taking a holistic approach and combining GainsWave treatment with other therapies.

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