Brain Restoration Therapy (NAD)

At Lifewell MD, we offer Brain Restoration Therapy to boost your mind and reverse many of the effects of aging and stress on the brain. Brain Restoration Therapy, also known as NAD, consists of an IV infusion administered directly into the patient’s vein.

This groundbreaking treatment is administered by trained medical professionals and is clinically proven to support sobriety recovery and reduce the likelihood of addiction relapse in the long term. Brain Restoration Therapy is also found to help patients suffering from headaches, depression, chronic fatigue, memory loss, and attention deficit disorders. Patients report positive results just days after the completion of the therapy, allowing them to enjoy a clearer state of mind and sharper cognitive functions.

As with many medical treatments, the best therapies are often the natural ones and NAD is no exception. It stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a naturally-occurring enzyme that binds with your cells to provide you with metabolic energy. Any deficiency of this crucial enzyme in your body leads to chronic fatigue, stress, and even substance abuse. Our treatment is simply taking what already exists in your body and boosting its levels so you feel recharged, healthier, and less tired!

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