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If you struggle with chronic pain or mental illness, NAD+ may help. LifeWell M.D., with locations in Port St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, offers brain restoration therapy with NAD+. This unique therapy works with your body’s natural processes and may lift your mood, reduce cravings, and combat age-degenerative conditions. The practice also provides a range of IV therapies, in addition to NAD+. LifeWell M.D. delivers holistic, integrative treatments designed to improve your quality of life.

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an enzyme that naturally occurs in your body. NAD binds with your cells, providing you with metabolic energy. If your body doesn’t have enough NAD, you may feel tired or sluggish. People who are NAD-deficient might also struggle with stress or anxiety.

Some research suggests a link between NAD deficiency and substance abuse. As your body processes drugs or alcohol, NAD becomes depleted. If you don’t produce enough NAD, you might be at a higher risk for future substance abuse.

NAD+ intravenous therapy can restore your levels and eliminate problems associated with a deficiency.

What are the benefits of NAD+?

If you struggle with a chronic condition, brain restoration therapy offers many benefits. During brain restoration therapy, LifeWell M.D. uses IV infusion of NAD+. IV infusions enter your bloodstream to deliver fast relief.

Brain restoration therapy may:

  • Relieve headaches and chronic pain

  • Boost energy levels and reduce fatigue

  • Improve mood and relieve depression

  • Help with memory loss and attention-deficit disorders

Brain restoration therapy with NAD+ provides dramatic results. After your IV infusion, your mind may feel clearer and sharper. Many patients report positive results within a few days of completing their therapy.

Can NAD+ slow down the aging process?

As you get older, NAD levels naturally decrease. NAD deficiency can have a profound effect on your health. In some cases, it may speed up the aging process. NAD+ can reduce cell damage, especially within the brain. Boosting NAD levels may help with age-related degenerative diseases, including memory loss.

If you’re worried about your brain function, LifeWell M.D. can help with a comprehensive brain-health evaluation to determine whether brain restoration therapy is right for you.

What results can I expect?

Studies show that NAD+ significantly reduces anxiety and depression. NAD+ is also highly effective for people struggling with substance abuse. Patients who receive NAD+ report fewer cravings and fewer relapses.

But NAD+ is only one part of the puzzle. If you have a complex mental health issue, you may need other care. LifeWell M.D. can help you develop a treatment plan. The practitioners work with your medical team to create a detailed care plan that addresses all your concerns.

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