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PEMF Therapy

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PEMF Therapy

New Solution for Low Back Pain (LBP)

The most common musculoskeletal pain disorder is low back pain (LBP). Millions suffer daily with this debilitating health problem, and unfortunately, it can often lead to an addiction to pain relievers, which only adds fuel to the fire.

Technology such as PEMF can offer non-invasive help and should be considered as another option to alleviate pain and several other health issues.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy is administered using a device that emits electromagnetic waves at different frequencies that can trigger and step up your body’s natural recovery and repair mechanisms.

Did you know: PEMF has been used by NASA to lessen bone loss and muscle atrophy in astronauts. There is substantial science behind PEMF technology.

When you hear the term electromagnetic fields, you’re probably connecting it to potentially harmful radiation that is emitted with microwaves, x-rays and even cell phones. But the difference between harmful and helpful is the frequency and duration of the waves being used. The waves used in PEMF are very close to those in nature and even lower in frequency than what you would encounter during a thunderstorm.

How Does PEMF Work?

Your entire body is comprised of cells, and healthy cell membranes have both positive and negative magnetic charges. These charges facilitate the exchange of ions carrying chemical elements such as calcium and potassium that your body needs in order to properly function.

Unfortunately, aging and injuries cause cells to deteriorate and lose their magnetic charge, which affects their ability to exchange ions and resulting in the bodily functions not getting the elements they need. Damaged cells with low charges can result in pain and inflammation among a long list of other chronic health issues.

Pulsed Low Frequency Magnetic Field Therapy can restore your cells’ healthy electromagnetic charges. PEMF is non-invasive, targeted and affective therapy for pain relief.

PEMF treatments use brief bursts and very low frequency electromagnetic waves and has the potential to help with the following:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Accelerate healing
  • Sleep
  • Depression
  • Bone density
  • Bone healing
  • Circulation
  • Energy level
  • Heal damaged tissue

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