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Pete R.

BEST office and staff!!! This office has something for everyone! i came in for acupuncture and was blown away by how fast Dr. Kumar was able to bring my pain from a 9 to a 0. No prescriptions! No Pain Meds!

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kat p.

Great dr. Very good office. I highly recommend .

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Ly P.

I have been struggling my whole to life to lose belly fat, including dieting (vegan, low carb, low sugar, calorie restriction diet) and nothing helped get me rid of my belly fat safely. I was eating so little on a daily basis that I ended up not having energy for work, exercise or even my hobbies. I’ve tried weight loss clinics, HCG shots, and they returned minimal result and I had to simultaneous severely restrictive diet atthe same time. My BMI level had to fall in underweight category for my belly to start showing any improvement. Not to mention, working in a high stress environment with little energy is simply begging my mental and physical wellbeing to crash. I came to Life Well MD and they not only targeted the sturrborn ring of belly and backside fat, but also gave me NAD therapy, which gave me more energy, more alertness, helped my workout better and improved my mental health and self-esteem. They put me on the right track to continue working towards a healthier me for the long term and I am so grateful. The staff is understanding, dedicated and have your best interest at heart. They know what I went through, listened to me, understood what I wanted, and were incredibly competent at what they do. Because of their commitment to excellence, they brought together all the best things science has to offer in terms of personal and wholistic wellness. I don’t have to worry about whether something is a hoax or a gimmick because Dr. Kumar goes well above and beyond due diligence to ensure they deliver real and measurable results. And that’s probably the best thing when it comes to any wellness center like this. I love this place and everyone there!!!! ♥️